February 6, 2015

Fallopian tubes & ovarian cancer

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There is now overwhelming evidence that most ovarian cancers arise from the tubes hence removal of tubes has been advocated as a risk reduction strategy. This prophylactic procedure also called “opportunistic salpingectomy” and has been discussed extensively in many articles.

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death due to gynaecological malignancy and the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths in developed countries.

Recently accumulated evidence has strongly indicated that the fallopian tube is the site of origin for the majority of high-grade serous ovarian or peritoneal carcinomas. As a result, recommendations have been made to change surgical practice in women at general population risk for ovarian cancer and perform bilateral salpingectomy at the time of hysterectomy without oophorectomy and in lieu of tubal ligation, a practice that has been termed opportunistic salpingectomy (OS).

- For more information, please follow the links to the PMC article by Gillian E. Hanley, Jessica N. McAlpine, Janice S. Kwon, and Gillian Mitchell.

Article on opportunistic salpingectomy for ovarian cancer prevention.