April 12, 2024

Long Waiting Lists Leave Thousands Waiting for Care

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New data from the RCOG reveals that nearly nine in ten (89%) healthcare professionals believe that gynaecology waiting times are negatively impacting patients’ quality of life. The survey indicates that 88% of patients reported worsening symptoms, 74% saw an increase in the complexity of patients’ care and treatment needs, and 70% observed an increase in patients requiring emergency gynaecological care

Currently, around 591,000 women and people in England are on a waiting list for gynaecology hospital care, with approximately 31,000 waiting over a year. While waiting, women are left struggling with symptoms such as extreme pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and incontinence Long waits can result in more complex treatment needs or emergency admission to hospital

The RCOG has consistently called for action from the Government and the NHS to reduce these long waits for hospital gynaecology services Despite the introduction of the Government’s Women’s Health Strategy and the creation of women’s health hubs, progress remains slow. The RCOG is undertaking new work to identify effective policies and initiatives to address gynaecology waiting lists

Waiting room full of chairs