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Updated on:
November 19, 2021
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Katie Peck is a New Zealand trained British Registered Dietitian and Health Coach and Founder of Peck Nutrition. Katie has a bachelors degree in Human Nutrition, two post graduate diplomas including a distinction in Dietetics from the University of Otago. She has a background of working in the NHS, clinical research and lecturing.

Katie is passionate about women’s health and has helped hundreds of women with PCOS lose weight and help women treat digestive symptoms.

Katie’s unique focus is giving clients with specific practical action to get results. The first step is a nutrition assessment and plan. For weight loss client, extra support is given after the nutrition assessment and plan with a 30 day plan with 100% support.

For more information please get in touch with Katie Peck through her website:

Or contact her here:

Phone: 01732 525 822

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